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Trish King's Summary: Seeking New Position (Sales Specialist)

Move over ketchup. Hot sauce is the new top-dog condiment. It’s true, hot sauce is now one of the 10 fastest growing industries in the US for 2013 with a 9.3 percent revenue jump per year in the last decade. Why it this relevant, do you ask? Because people’s tastes change and so should sales techniques. The sales people who will thrive today are those willing to think differently and be flexible enough to adapt to market changes. I work with sales-driven companies like yours to shrink time-to-revenue sales programs. Specifically, I help:

Reduce ramp-up time. I get out there with customers, doing the right things to drive sales immediately.

Minimize non-selling activity. I significantly cut the 40 to 60 hours per month the average salesperson spends emailing and leaving voice mail messages to decision makers with zero response. Decision makers return my calls.

Increase sales velocity. More than anything, I shrink your sales cycle. When customers feel there are valid business reasons for spending money, they will.

Opportunities I am looking for:
The industries that I am interested in exploring are food safety, pharmaceutical and health services, or vertical niche markets (i.e. software, education, media, and online marketing products)

Let’s talk:
If you are looking for a Sales Specialist with a broad-based experience in business, traditional advertising and marketing, and social media marketing then we should talk.

Trish King


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